About Us

Pennisi Cuisine Distributors was established in 1977.  It has slowly grown over the years and is still expanding. We have a selection of delicacies and traditional foods from South America, Italy, Spain, France, Greece and other European Countries, Lebanon and Morocco and more.

The Pennisi family own and run their business with a crew of friendly staff giving you the personalised experience that a family business can offer. Our retail store is located near the heart of Brisbane. This conveniently gives access to our store to people from all works of life from individuals and families to Restaurateurs and Chefs and also to people from other Communities like Schools, Clubs and Societies.

Pennisi Cuisine Distributors also extends services to the wholesale through a small fleet of delivery vehicles. We supply Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools, Caterers, Clubs, Dance Venues, Supermarkets both large chain & small. Later on in the year we will extend our services to include online shopping. We ship goods all over Australia.

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