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KFARM collects only the best produce from Australian farmers to put together this assorted box of seasonal fruit and vegetables. If you aren't growing it in your garden, this is the FRESHEST box of produce you'll find.

Delivered to Pennisi Cuisine Monday to Friday for pick-up only.

CONTENTS ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY AND PRICING. Please check with us to make sure our list is up-to-date.

Approximate Contents:
Apple x 2
Orrange x 2
Banana x 4
Mandarin x 2
Pear x 2
Carrot x 2
Potato 500g
Sweet potato x 1
Capsicum x 2
Zucchini x 2
Broccoli x 1
Onion brown x 1
Onion red x 1
Avocado x 1
Cucumber x 1
Tomato x 4
Lettuce oak x 1
Eggs free range x 6

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